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Saturday, 17 March 2012


hey, this is my best friend.. she is so cute :) she is juz like a star to me.. i love u, u love me, we are happy family :) her name is qiela ee.. i love her very much.. she always give me so many advice n cheer me up..:) :) :) she was born on 11 jun.. :) this is her pic.. she is one who wears tudung white in colour :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

my fb account was hacked???

this can't happen!!!!!!!

frenz again :)

this is my bestoooo ever ever ever..they had gave me so many advice.. even i didnt hear to their advice, but they never felt fed-up.. i think they are so perfect coz of their beautiful, kindness n clever!


this is fatini aiman.. she's a cute gurl.. i love her very much! :) since last year, she's so kind to me.. tp xtahu la kalau2 x ikhlas.. errmm, i dont know what to say about her anymore.. but the fact is, she'll always in my heart.. hope she love me too :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

afiq :)

afiq marzuki..
i met him since form 1 .. act, afiq n me had been in same school since primary school.. tp boleh plak x sedar :) he such a kind man n fren to me.. i love him.. but he told me that he had girlfren in korean.. so terlepas la.. lol~ :) :D
this picture look funny rite? he's sporting (Y)

frenz are everything :)

hey, i'm happy now.. its all becoz of my frenz..
today on, i'll listen all my fren'z advice.. sometimes, frenz can be our enemy rite??
but actually, in their heart, they are so caring about us rite?? appreciate ur fren as long as they still alive.. happy holiday :)

frenz that make me crazy

ni wer, jaty n tam

these are my frenz that make me crazy toonite.. they were so happy go lucky.. they make me so happy till i forgot about my problem.. btw, i feel so funny that we make a fool thing at LIVE CHAT VANILLA COKLAT.. crazy but enjoy huh?? they r always in my heart till end :) <3

my always bff :)

this is me n my frens.. they r so cute rite?? we r always best fren ever.. they r so kind to me.. they r loving n funny frenz.. sporting n nakal, tu biase ... :)
this is SOME of my best frens.. i have some more.. right here :)

my boyfrenz :)

this is my frens.. they are so sporting n funny.. but two of them doesnt school in mh anymore.. no fuuny shamil anymore.. no akmal anymore.. :) but it doesnt matter at all.. coz they still in my heart .. always be :) <3

Sunday, 11 March 2012

my new design blog :)

actually, i didnt know how to speak english badly.. but i was told by my teacher, teacher as to speak in my blog.. so, this is me now :) *buruk kowt ..
fact : english is easy, simple n beautiful.. but i didnt know much about english..
so, my english here is like in standard one.. rite? :) :) :)