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Friday, 8 June 2012

brother perlis :D

hello everyone...!! so long i didnt update my blog rite? i'm so busy since this holiday.. erm, let me tell u a story.. on 28th may, i sent my brother to 'Matrikulasi Perlis'.. perlis... it was a long journey.. my siblings juz sleep in the car.. we were so bored.. we stayed in perlis for 3 days.. on first day, we juz went for a walk wif my brother.. on second day, we sent him to matrikulasi... my brother... he was such a kind brother to me.. he also funny man, he always help my mother at home.. so when he gone away, my mother n my sister cried.. actually, all of us was so sad, but it juz my mother n sister that falling tears there.. on third day, wa went home .. my brother was so far noww... i really miss you, abang :) hope you'll always remember me there :')