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Monday, 30 April 2012


erm, today i'd a trip wif my family to genting.. we enjoyed the games very much.. auh, anep , apiq n pijol were so fool with their loud scream n nonsense thing else.. they'd made me n amie laugh too hard.. we went to genting at 10 o'clock n going back to home at 8 o'clot my house this week.. my brothers always ack.. amie had followedme beczuse she sleep at my home this week.. my brother always called her 'baby' n she was very shy for that .. funny.. :D hope i'll go there again

Saturday, 14 April 2012

bantai :)

teacher asnaraita ask me to update my blog.. but i dont know what to write :) erm, i wanna tell u all about a story..i am 'nice' girl that i've been attacked by senior since last year..this year, i tried to be really nice girl, but senior didn't let me do that.. they always made me angry all this while.. eeii... geram tau! last thursday, i'd been called by two senior.. not afraid at all.. erm, they bring me to a room and ask me many things.. actually , 'many fool things'... but they are so kind to me.. naseb~ .. so i juz tell them the truth..